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    Here you can regularly find new press releases from MENSHEN. If you have questions or need further information, our staff will of course be happy to help you.


    MENSHEN invite young people to take part in a video competition

    (Finnentrop) “Packaging Day” – an initiative of the German Packaging Institute – was an opportunity that Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG from Finnentrop took to invite school students from the region to take part in a video competition. More than 50 secondary schools from the surrounding area were visited for the purpose of presenting this project and motivating the students aged between 12 and 17 to make a video titled “Your Day with MENSHEN”. The short film was to show how closures made by MENSHEN are used in everyday life. Whether at home, at school, at sports or at a family celebration: the aim was to demonstrate where and how MENSHEN is “involved”. Besides presenting MENSHEN as an attractive training company and employer, this campaign was a great project intended to promote creativity among young people as well as giving them the chance to accomplish a complex task on their own. To do this, they learnt a lot about objects they held and used daily as a natural given, and also about the packaging behind it all. 

    Those who were keen on taking part could simply register and were sent a “basic pack” containing products such as laundry detergent, washing up liquid, shoe polish, sun lotion, shampoo, shower gel and refreshment drinks. The packagings of the different products all had one thing in common - they were finished with a closure made by MENSHEN.


    Then they got cracking! Working in groups or as individuals, the kids shot and edited their movies as well as adding music and script! The videos submitted were rated by a jury of six on the basis of specific criteria. Some of the films were absolutely marvelous - funny, entertaining, reflective – as well as being professionally edited and complete with the appropriate soundtrack.

    June 9th was the big day: the five best videos won attractive prizes that were awarded at MENSHEN in Finnentrop. A fine project that provided lots of fun for all those involved and also created an appetite for more!



    Specialists working hand in hand

    MENSHEN laying great store by their new logistics partner, Liedhegener Logistik

    Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG have been successful in their search for a highly efficient and dependable logistics partner. The owner-managed logistics company Liedhegener, located in the “Zum Dümpel” industrial estate in Sundern, was able to convince MENSHEN that they were the right partners to cope professionally and reliably with the demanding performance requirements.

    A recently commissioned storage depot has been built specifically for this purpose. The hall was erected in the record time of only five months – the ground-breaking ceremony took place in September last year. On March 1, the new warehouse was officially opened by Berthold and David Liedhegener together with Ludger Braukmann (General Manager) and Carsten Heider (Supply Chain Manager) of MENSHEN. There are now 1,850 euro pallet bays available on an area of almost 2,000 m², intended initially for the raw materials for producing injection-molded closures and packaging solutions and later also for the interim storage of semi-finished and finished goods from the MENSHEN operations in Finnentrop-Frielentrop and Sundern-Hagen.

    Two full semi-trucks of plastic granules – the equivalent of 36 industrial pallets – are delivered and put into storage every day, ensuring that MENSHEN can manufacture around the clock. Due to the fact that the requirement notifications from both production plants arrive at the forwarding company before eight o’clock each morning and have to be delivered by 2 p.m. the same day, a high degree of flexibility is essential.

    To achieve maximum transparency, all ordering and storage processes as well as each movement of goods is dealt with via the MENSHEN SAP system, meaning that everything is state-of-the-art and paperless. As a result, the staff in both companies can always view the entire order transaction and administer all the storage positions online. This, in turn, enables rapid decisions as to which goods are to be or have been deposited at a specific position at a certain time.

    Since MENSHEN has been HACCP-certified for some time and thus meets the most stringent food hygiene standards, the raw materials delivered here are stored in compliance with HACCP and reference samples are taken from each batch, warranting complete traceability if necessary.



    Dr. Matthias Heider (MP) visits MENSHEN in Finnentrop

    (Finnentrop)  Dr. Matthias Heider, CDU Member of Parliament, was a recent guest at MENSHEN, manufacturer of plastic closures and system packaging, in Finnentrop. Following a brief round of introductions, general manager Ludger Braukmann presented facts and figures concerning MENSHEN’s products and target markets. Thanks to his former activities in the chemicals and packaging recycling industries, Dr. Heider was already familiar with such topics. The further course of conversation centered on significant issues such as raw materials and energy. Stable energy prices and a reliable supply of raw materials for producing plastics are essential to ensure that we remain competitive in the international markets of the future and to safeguard the MENSHEN locations in Germany.

    Dr. Heider showed great interest in the company and in the general economic situation. Demographic change and its impact on MENSHEN and on other enterprises with a similar structure were further subjects under discussion. As Ludger Braukmann pointed out, “Due to democratic change, it is becoming more and more difficult to get qualified specialist craftspeople. And it is also increasingly problematic to find suitable trainees.” In this respect, MENSHEN is faced with demanding challenges that need to be met and dealt with by taking appropriate measures. It is absolutely essential for MENSHEN to be perceived in a positive light, especially as an employer brand. In this context, we have visited several schools in the region in the course of the year and actively used a variety of job fairs held in the surrounding area as an exhibition platform.

    Following a highly interesting round of discussions, the guest enjoyed a comprehensive tour of our works. Dr. Heider was evidently impressed by our modern machine fleet and production department. This visit by a member of parliament was an excellent opportunity for both parties to exchange views, as well as being an important step towards the future. 



    MENSHEN again wins title as Training Organization of Excellence in 2015

    (Finnentrop) For the third time in succession, Andreas Schlinkert, head of Human Resources at MENSHEN, accepted the “Training Organization of Excellence” quality seal from Judith Grefe of Ertragswerkstatt GmbH. Numerous companies - many of them well-known - again competed for this prestigious distinction conferred by their apprentices. The aim of this concept is to give young people a meaningful orientation guide when selecting a training company. At the same time, it offers organizations the opportunity to present their endeavors and achievements during the training period and provide prospective apprentices with decision-making support. What was particularly significant in the case of Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG from Finnentrop: the majority of trainees identified with the company and all of them gave it outstanding ratings where commitment, solidarity and social interaction were concerned.

    The central component of the certification is a survey among the apprentices in which they rate their training situation on the basis of criteria that are key to a good apprenticeship. These include, for instance, image and general satisfaction with the employer, but also aspects such as being appreciated, training content, pay, future prospects, workers’ participation or workload. 

    Ultimately, the qualifications of junior staff constitute a vital key factor, making the “Training Organization of Excellence” seal all the more noteworthy.    



    MENSHEN offer a glimpse behind the scenes / Activities on “Packaging Day”

    (Finnentrop) “Packaging Day” – an initiative of the German Packaging Institute – was an opportunity taken by Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG to give schoolchildren from the region a fascinating look behind the scenes at their headquarters in Finnentrop. Many invited guests from politics and administration, business partners and neighbours, also made their way to the production site of this worldwide leading manufacturer of closures and system packaging solutions.

    Besides extensive information on the apprenticeship jobs offered and interesting facts from the packaging world, the company offered exclusive tours of the production plant. As a result, the visitors gained intriguing insights into an industry which is both highly modern and fundamental.

     MENSHEN gave their guests the possibility to gain new experiences and valuable knowledge. The young people were able to ask questions, receive answers and perhaps find perspectives for their later career. At the same time, they learnt about articles they hold, use and take for granted on a daily basis and found out that behind all these articles there is always a package.

     As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plastic closures for the cosmetics, chemical, detergent and pharmaceutical industries as well as for the food sector, MENSHEN have been meeting the highest demands on quality for more than 45 years, satisfying needs and wishes with design, function and safety.

     MENSHEN offer a wide variety of packaging systems for bottles, tubes, pouches and sponge applicators. Based on high self-set standards and innovative foresight, MENSHEN develop and advance products in compliance with requirements. Customised product solutions, even for complex tasks, are generated in this way.

     MENSHEN have now taken part in the first Packaging Day, an event held in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With more than 400,000 employees and around 6,000 companies, the packaging industry is an economic heavyweight in German-speaking Europe, safeguarding our provision with food, medicine, consumer goods and industrial components. Packaging protects values.

     The packaging industry is consequently of great interest both as an employer and from a training aspect. MENSHEN offer many different job profiles and apprenticeships in the industrial-technical and commercial segments as well as in logistics. They are thus an exceptionally attractive employer in the region and far beyond.

     Packaging products are highly interesting and future-proof, they are varied and important, combining creativity and engineering skills, and they are taking on more and more supplementary functions. MENSHEN’s participation in Packaging Day is therefore only logical. Packaging is a world full of colours and shapes, materials and designs, technologies and innovations and also of training and job opportunities. At MENSHEN, there were lots of fascinating examples to marvel at.

    MENSHEN win the WorldStar Packaging Award 2015

    (Finnentrop) The Lattesso one-stop-shop solution has now received the WorldStar Award 2015 from the World Packaging Organisation. The new all-inclusive packaging unit was a joint development by Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG and MENSHEN Schweiz GmbH, together with Erich Kienle of Innoprax. 

    The special advantages of Caffè Lattesso in the convenience and design sections convinced the jury. The market for coffee-to-go beverages is growing steadily; in the convenience section, classical coffee is being replaced by trendy alternatives to an increasing extent.

    The Lattesso packing unit stands out distinctively from existing coffee cups. The well thought-out details of the Lattesso beaker bring the consumer a much higher level of convenience. Caffè Lattesso is ready to enjoy with a single movement of the hand. Thanks to the sophisticated packaging system, it can be opened simply and reliably as well as being clean. 

    The lid and/or drink closure is manufactured at MENSHEN in an injection moulding process. Foamed PET gives the shrink sleeve its velvety feel. As an innovative feature, MENSHEN put a crispy Italian amaretti biscuit in the lid of the pack before it is sealed with foil.


    About Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG:

    Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG is an owner-managed SME with headquarters in Finnentrop in the Sauerland region of Germany. MENSHEN have more than 40 years of experience and are one of the leading manufacturers of closures, plastic solutions and system packaging. The sectors addressed by the company are in particular the cosmetic, chemical, detergent and foodstuff industries. MENSHEN have around 1,200 employees at 14 locations in eleven countries all over the world.  

    Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG
    Mr. Christian Nöh
    Industriestraße 26
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    Phone: +49(0)2721-518-113

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    E-Mail: christian.noeh(at)menshen.com
    Web:    www.menshen.com

    MENSHEN focus on sustainable solutions

    (Finnentrop) As one of the leading manufacturers of plastic closures and system packaging solutions, MENSHEN is very aware of its global responsibility. The company place great importance on environmentally friendly processes and the sustainable utilisation of resources based on certified energy and environmental management systems and optimised working conditions. 

    At MENSHEN, not only innovative products and top quality are thus the centre of attention; waste avoidance and a well-functioning recycling economy are just as significant. The organisation has attained energy and environmental management certification to ISO 50001 and ISO 14001. The utilisation of state-of-the-art, energy-efficient machines reduces the consumption of oil and cooling water and avoids greater quantities of scrap. 

    Low-CO2 logistics are important to MENSHEN - transport services must be carried out with a minimum of pollution. Whenever products are transported by truck, it is consequently essential that the highest possible requirements on European vehicle standards are met.

    A further sustainable corporate objective is to consolidate MENSHEN as an attractive employer and reliable partner in the packaging industry. Fair pay, good promotion opportunities and secure workplaces are self-evident for MENSHEN, thus increasing the satisfaction of our staff. Reliable hygiene management acc. to BRC/loP, risk assessment based on HACCP analyses, and various occupational safety measures enable us to offer attractive, safe workplaces at MENSHEN. Good air quality and consistent temperatures at our facilities are achieved, e.g., by operating air conditioning and ventilation systems as well as an exhaust gas system for spray vapours. MENSHEN promote people and the environment on a global scale and support numerous charitable organisations every year. After all, the future provides lots of opportunities – and these have to be seized. 

    Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG
    Mr. Christian Nöh
    Industriestraße 26
    57413 Finnentrop

    Phone: +49 2721 518-113

    Fax:     +49 2721 518-115
    E-Mail: christian.noeh(at)menshen.com
    Web:    www.menshen.com

    Neues im MENSHEN-Standard-Programm: one2close

    Stark in Form und Funktion Neuer 2-Komponenten-Klappdeckelverschluss im MENSHENStandard-Programm: one2close

    (Finnentrop) Auf Basis eines umfassenden Entwicklungs-Know-hows hat der Spezialist für Kunststoffverschlüsse und -verpackungen MENSHEN aus Finnentrop einen neuen 2-Komponenten-Prellverschluss entwickelt: one2close. Die bis ins Detail konsequent durchdachte Lösung bietet speziell im Kosmetik-Segment zahlreiche Vorteile.

    Eyecatcher Zweifarbigkeit
    Der aus zwei Komponenten bestehende, im Spritzgussverfahren gefertigte Verschluss bietet die Option der Zweifarbigkeit, über die sich verschiedenste Farbkombinationen realisieren lassen. Zudem gibt die geschwungene, ovale Form mit weit auslaufender Front- und Rückpartie eine breite Flaschenform vor, die viel Raum und Platz für eine ansprechende Labelgestaltung bietet. Das eröffnet optimale Möglichkeiten, Produkt- und Markenwelten auf der Verpackung zu inszenieren und damit Zielgruppen am POS aufmerksamkeitsstark anzusprechen sowie Kaufimpulse auszulösen.

    Viele durchdachte Details
    Weil der one2close eine komplette Neuentwicklung ist, haben die MENSHEN-Entwicklungsingenieure jedes Detail neu gedacht und auf Kunden- und Anwendernutzen hin optimiert. So erlaubt der breite Klappdeckel im Zusammenspiel mit dem leichtgängigen Klappscharnier nicht nur ein einfaches und sicheres Öffnen und Schließen, sondern auch die Verwendung als praktische Headstand-Verpackung. Um ein sauberes Handling im Alltagsgebrauch zu gewährleisten, kann der Verschluss optional mit einem Schwallschutz (Flow-Restricion) ausgestattet werden. Eine passende PE- und PP-Flasche zum Verschluss hat die Firma Sauer Polymertechnik aus Neustadt bei Coburg im Rahmen eines Kooperationsprojektes entwickelt. Die exakt zum Verschluss passende Flasche muss also nicht erst aufwendig entworfen werden. Das gleiche gilt für PET-Flaschen, die von der Firma PETpower aus dem niederländischen Etten-Leur produziert und geliefert werden. Damit kann der wachsenden Nachfrage nach Komplettverpackungen begegnet werden. Das spart Zeit, Aufwand und letztlich Kosten!

    Augenmerk Nachhaltigkeit
    Um wertvolle Ressourcen zu sparen, wurden Materialaufwand und Transportgewicht im Entwicklungsprozess besonders niedrig gehalten. Über eine durchdachte Statik ist der MENSHEN one2close konsequent gewichtsoptimiert. Zusätzlich besteht die Möglichkeit, in der Fertigung umweltschonende, hochwertige Recyclingmaterialien einzusetzen, um weitere Ressourcen zu schonen. Der hohe Nachhaltigkeitsgrad der MENSHEN-Lösung lässt sich sicherlich auch als ein flankierendes Pro-Argument auf der Verpackung und am POS kommunizieren.

    Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG
    Herr Christian Nöh
    Industriestraße 26
    57413 Finnentrop

    Telefon: +49 2721 518-113
    Telefax: +49 2721 518-115
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