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    Compelling individuality.

    Packaging that is pleasant to both look at and touch is particularly important in the cosmetics industry. The shape, function, and design of closures for tubes, bottles, and pouches are key factors when purchasing toiletry items. Only with a consistent and unique design will your closure solution stand out from the crowd of other rival products.

    Consequently, MENSHEN offers individual designs based on your requirements in addition to a range of high-quality standard solutions. Our plastic closures, or more simply “lids,” are of course manufactured to the highest quality and are available in all current RAL and Pantone color tones.

    Take advantage of our decades of experience and make use of the industry expertise of our dedicated employees at MENSHEN.

    Product Choice

    MENSHEN Product Finder

    Using the MENSHEN product finder, you can look specifically for closure solutions from our product line.